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Welcome to the Sandiwa Community!

We are thrilled to introduce Sandiwa Collection, a new online shop celebrating the vibrant culture, creativity, and craftsmanship of the Philippines.

Our Name

Sandiwa comes from the Tagalog words “Isang Diwa,” meaning “one spirit” or “one mind.” To us, this encapsulates our mission to create products and experiences that connect people to their Filipino roots and bring our community together. We want to help you incorporate beautiful, meaningful pieces into your life that honor your heritage and the spirit of the Philippines.

Our Advocacy

Our advocacy is to showcase and economically empower small businesses, local artisans, and proud Filipino traditions. Each product in the Sandiwa Collection has been lovingly handmade by talents from different regions across the Philippines. From woven textiles to apparels, handicrafts, and ornaments, we are proud to share their incredible work with you while also bettering their livelihoods.

As our community grows, we aim to be a platform where people can come together in celebration of Filipino culture and values. We want to inspire you, stimulate creativity, and nurture a sense of belonging. Sandiwa pieces are meant to be passed down for generations, sparking connection and storytelling.

We invite you to join us on this journey! Let the pieces you choose from Sandiwa reflect what being Filipino means to you - whether it's memories of childhood, connections to family, or embracing your identity. We can't wait to be part of your cultural journey.

Salamat and mabuhay!

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